Wood Chip Wales Timber is sourced from sustainable forests and recycle centres in and around Wales.
The Virgin round, and Grade ‘A’reclaimed wood is chipped to the highest standards.

G30-G50, industry specifications for todays modern boilers.

Wood Chip Wales really does understand the market and are currently supplying wood chip dried down as low as 20% moisture achieving maximum results from your burners.

Once chipped the wood is quickly dried to the correct moisture levels ensuring the highest calorific value. Air dried wood chip has to be stored for a minimum of 18 months and requires a large investment, even then the end product struggles to maintain the consitancy of moisture levels required by todays modern wood chip boilers.

Now available; Grade ‘A’ reclaimed/recycled wood chip, chipped to industry standards and able to make up 20% of your order making even grater savings!

The company has over 40 years experience in forestry and agricultural industry,

Wood Chip Wales understands the customers needs and offer a range of transportation solutions from 8 wheel trucks to walking floor trailers, blown tankers to tote bags.

Wood Chip Wales own and operate their own biomass boilers and are aware of the pitfalls and problems of individual customers, delays, maintance and down time for example but the company prides itself on its flexability and feels it can accomodate and overcome all your wood chip needs.

Call us today for a no obligation chat about how we may be able to save you time and money!

Wood Chip Wales currently supply biomass wood chip to a number of industries including Agriculture, Equestrian, Construction, Poultry, Arborial, Landscaping as well as a range of S.M.E’s and domestic clients.

Woodchipwales continuously strive to bring you the best prices available in a fluctuating market please telephone, text or e-mail for the best rates.


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